How is this system different then all of the other balance programs currently available?

"Because this unique approach to fall prevention is FUN and SIMPLE!!!"

That’s it - six simple, fun, and easy steps to improving your balance, reducing falls and the fear of falling while gaining confidence and improving your overall well-being.

Here's why -

  • You'll fall like a kid again!!  Ball handling activities take you back to when you were a kid, just playing and having FUN!  They are quick, fun and simple as well as great for balance and having a good time.
  • Practice the "art of falling" and you will realize there is no reason to be afraid of've been practicing!
  •  Dance with your pillow and strengthen your legs and heart, as well as improve your coordination, posture and balance!


How does the Six-Step Balance SystemTM  prevent falls?

The Six-Step Balance SystemTM is designed to utilize both a senior’s mental and physical conditions to help prevent falls. More than being simple “exercises,” these brief, targeted activities serve more complex processes that affect the mind and body.

Although the Six-Step Balance SystemTM is composed of six major steps, the exercises described in each chapter need not be done in a series or all at once. Nor do they have to be finished completely. Any attempt with any of the exercise activities as you age in place is a success!

We know that sometimes accidents can happen no matter how safe we try to make our lives. By practicing the Six-Step Balance SystemTM, you will be prepared to fall more safely and gain the confidence to maintain your current lifestyle and independence.