Training to enhance the well-being of the aging population.

Fall Prevention Training Services has ten years' experience providing life-changing, life-saving training and support services for older adults, caregivers and injury prevention professionals. Our goal is to build confidence and promote independence by reducing falls and their severity.

Our courses are based on Dr. Betty Perkins-Carpenter's Six-Step Balance System, which is designed to utilize a senior's own mental and physical condition to prevent falls. By learning and practicing the Si-Step Balance System, seniors gain confidence in their ability to reduce falls and the fear of falling, maintain their current lifestyle and independence, and are better prepared how to fall safely should a fall occur.

There's more ...

For the Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Assistants in your area, Fall Prevention Training Services offers more CEU credits than most other courses available. These courses are taught live -- allowing attendees to learn and practice in a relaxed, fun environment. No online lectures, no taking course after course - this is the only way we teach -- making us the most effective provider in the country offering this service. We also conduct private, semi-private and small group courses.

You can host one of our courses!

As host, your organization receives a free seat to the course, and we schedule it at your convenience. We can even accommodate multiple courses during the same timeframe. All you need is a meeting room of at least 850 square feet (our attendees need space to move around and have FUN while they learn!). Our maximum course size is typically 20 attendees (minimum is 12), allowing individual attention and ample opportunity for questions.

Don't have your own space? We can work with you to find a suitable location in your area.

Host Information:

   Semi-Private Course - As host your organization would need to provide 3 or more paid participants at a discounted rate (you still receive the one free seat). We would then open the course up to other injury prevention specialist in the your area - we usually get a good response from those in the healthcare field such as Physical and Occupational Therapists.

   Private Course - Should you have 12 or more interested and wish a private course exclusively for your organization, get in touch with one of us by one of the methods shown below and we would be happy to coordinate special arrangements around your schedule.

   Multiple Courses/Locations - If you have more than 20 people, at a single location or regionally, who are interested in attending, we require multiple course to be scheduled.  More than 20 participants receive a custom fee schedule and can be secured by contacting us by one of the methods shown below.

Join with us today as we make the world safer for our aging population.

Call (844) 2-STOP FALLS or (844) 278-6732 or email We're happy to customize arrangements to suit your needs and location.

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