Fall Prevention Training Services is singly focused on training clients in the Six-Step Balance SystemTM created by Dr. Betty Perkins-Carpenter.  This program is based on the book “How to Prevent Falls: Better Balance, Independence and Energy in Six Simple Steps” by Dr. Betty Perkins-Carpenter. Click here for a description of each step.

Specialist Renewal Requirements

If your Six-Step Balance SystemTM Specialist Course Certificate has expired or due to expire within the next six months, we can renew your certificate for another two years whether you obtained your training from FPTS or Dr. Carpenter.

Renewal requirements are:

  • Provide written evidence of having provided twelve or more hours of instruction in your Six-Step Balance SystemTM within the last 24 months prior to submitting your application for renewal
  • Provide a copy of your latest Six-Step Balance SystemTM Specialist Course Certificate
  • Attend a one day Six-Step Balance SystemTM Specialist Course at a greatly reduced rate.

Click here for our course schedule.

Specialist Support Program

Congratulations!  You successfully completed the Six-Step Balance SystemTM Specialist Course

At Fall Prevention Training Services (FPTS), one of our goals is to help you be successful in reaching and teaching as many clients as you can, whether you are an independent contractor, employee, or activity director. 

We’re focused on STOPPING FALLS NOW!!

You know the social and personal costs of a fall and how epidemic it has become.  You also know how fun, easy and effective the Six-Step program is for older adults and seniors.  Therefore, we have created a Specialist Support Program with you and your potential new clients in mind.

Our Specialist Support Program offers you ready access to potential new clients with minimal effort or cost.  We want to be your best resource to help get this word out, while at the same time help to grow your business.

To request more information on our Support program (Click Here)