How Exciting – NEXT!

How exciting!  Here’s Sharon at the unveiling of the new name for the former BASCC (Birmingham Area Seniors Coordinating Council) – we had second row seats to hear the great Brooks Patterson, Oakland County Executive, and other local dignitaries.  It was a wonderful gathering of like-minded folk, delicious food (to include fresh fruit, gourmet cookies,…

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Body Workz Rocks!!

Shown here is Sharon Claye (far right), Master Trainer, along with the happy graduates of the Fall Prevention Trainer Workshop held at Body Workz Health Club in Orange, Texas on February 21, 2015.

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Surprise! Surprise!

Surprise!  Surprise!  A visit to the Bloomfield Hills Library (btw, if you haven’t visited, you definitely need to – they are the best!) revealed a wealth of info to help older adults! You can check out these awesome “Vitality Kits”, which are a collection of books and DVD’s to promote good health.  Much to Sharon’s…

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Let’s Get Serious?

About 75% of us feel that we are in fair to excellent physical condition, yet over 2/3 of us do not exercise regularly!  If possible, exercise 30 minutes per day at 60-90% of your maximum heart rate (220 beats per minute) minus age.  However, ANY moderate level of exercise is beneficial.  Regular exercise extends life…

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