Sharon Claye

Sharon Claye, Owner/President Fall Prevention Training Services. LLC



Sharon Claye, President and Owner of Fall Prevention Training Services, LLC, is a Certified Master Trainer in the Six-Step Balance SystemTM. Trained by Dr. Betty Perkins-Carpenter, creator of the Six-Step Balance SystemTM, Sharon’s passion is to train other fitness and health care professionals and older adults in this fun and easy system proven to reduce falls. Since having met Dr. Carpenter, Sharon is most often heard to say, “Do you want to keep your independence? Then practice the six steps daily!”

Sharon has been an A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer for over eleven years providing individual and small group fitness training out of her private studio, in the client’s home, or more recently at Snap Fitness.

Sharon is a former Motivational Speaker for Weight Watchers in all aspects of healthy living, and the former host and producer of Claye’s Kitchen Party, a healthy cooking show in Southeast Michigan. Sharon is a frequent public speaker throughout Southeast Michigan on topics relating to health and fitness at various senior and community centers, local service organizations, as well as on local radio and television.

How It All Started

HOW IT ALL STARTED: by Sharon Claye

As a Personal Trainer for over eleven years, I was speaking at various locations throughout southeast Michigan motivating older adults to keep moving and take part in regular exercise. About six years ago while doing some on-line research, I came across Dr. Betty Perkins-Carpenter’s book “The Six-Step Balance SystemTM”, which I ordered immediately – this looked like something fresh and exciting – and FUN!

I especially liked the exercises with cute cartoon pictures and easy-to-follow instructions. I decided to contact the author’s office and get permission to copy them. Thinking it would be a long and tedious process, I was delighted to find myself talking to Dr. Carpenter herself as she answered the phone immediately!

We chatted at length – she was thrilled that a personal trainer in Michigan was interested in her work! She not only gave me permission to copy pages from her book, but she invited me to New York to train under her to teach the Six-Step Balance SystemTM classes locally. When I hung up and told my husband of our conversation, he enthusiastically replied, “BOOK IT!” And I said, “Book what?” His response: “Your flight to New York to meet this incredible woman. Opportunities like this only come along once in a lifetime – THIS IS IT!” And so I did…. After coming back from that first visit I enthusiastically told my husband “the word has got to get out – we have the answer to preventing falls!!”

That visit led to several more, and after teaching many Six-Step Balance SystemTM Classes to older adults, and seeing the amazing results, I am very proud to say that now I am the National Master Trainer for teachers of the Six-Step Balance SystemTM!


  • Senior Fitness, Inc. - Master Trainer of the Six-Step Balance SystemTM

  • American Council on Exercise (ACE) - Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)

  • Certified 'Delay the Disease' Instructor (Parkinson Disease)

  • American Heart Association (AHA) - CPR and AED

  • Exercise ETC, Inc. - Senior Fitness Specialist

  • Exercise ETC, Inc. - Boot Camp Gold Specialist

  • GlucoFit Express - Diabetes Prevention and Control Trainer