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We offer courses to teach you how to become a fall prevention specialist based on Dr. Betty Perkins-Carpenter’s Six-Step Balance SystemTM.

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Our System

The Six-Step Balance System™ is a series of movements and simple exercises that improve balance. The System is designed to reduce the probability of falls and fall-related injuries. It also increases body flexibility, leg strength, and overall endurance, and reduces the fear of falling. The Six Steps are easy and fun and can be practiced right at home.

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Fall Prevention Training Services is singularly focused on training our clients in the Six-Step Balance System™ created by Dr. Betty Perkins-Carpenter. This program is based on the book “How to Prevent Falls: Better Balance, Independence and Energy in Six Simple Steps” by Dr. Betty Perkins-Carpenter. We use Dr. Carpenter’s fun, simple and interactive methods to teach older adults and caregivers.

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Sharon Claye, Owner/President Fall Prevention Training Services. LLC



Hi, this is Sharon Claye – welcome to our site! We’re here to help you - or someone you know - maintain their independence by staying strong, improving balance & reducing the risk of falling. You deserve to live life to the fullest while maintaining an active lifestyle without the fear of falling!

Sharon Claye

Our Mission

Our mission is to save lives by providing proven life changing training and support services to older adults that reduce falls and their severity; thereby building confidence and promoting independence in the older adult.

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